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Gold & Silver Buying Faq's

Q. What will it cost to get complete training, startup marketing materials, and the supplies for gold and silver testing?

A one-time $9.95 setup fee now plus $75.00 for training and materials to be deducted from your first gold shipment proceeds to us. This is a one-time $75.00 fee. There are zero additional costs. There are zero recurring costs. And this $9.95 one-time setup fee is 100% refundable FOR ANY REASON during the first 60 days after you complete your training. NOTE: you will need to replenish your gold and silver testing materials eventually. These testing materials will be supplied to you free! You may need additional marketing materials as well; a very good thing! Our $9.95 one-time setup fee includes your initial starter kit of marketing materials.

Q. What does the training consist of?
Our gold, silver, and platinum expert, having 35 plus years in this industry will help you with the following:

Q. How can I check the actual market price of gold, spot or pure for any jewelry item?
Gold prices are based on competitive prices per the London PM prices. These prices are based on the premier gold pricing mechanism; You can easily check these prices here daily, at our partner's dedicated web site, or at [Most Recent Quotes from]
(Refresh this page to get the latest Kitco gold quote)

Q. Where can I learn more about buying and selling gold and silver?
If you lack a store to offer our Scrap Gold Program, consider A good resource and a thorough explanation provided by expert jewelers

Q. What additional costs are involved in this gold and silver opportunity?

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Q. Are there any charges up front?

A. In most cases we provide you with all the equipment you require to test and weigh gold and silver. We do not charge for the kit up front. We deduct the cost from the first shipment you send us..

We provide:

Should you require a certified or "Legal for Trade" scale as required by state law, you can purchase one through us on our store page or on your own.


Q. What does the training consist of?


A. We provide the following:

We leave no stone unturned and make sure that a complete solution is provided to our clients in offering them the ability to purchase gold and silver.



Q. What additional costs are involved to use this program successfully?


A. In order to make your gold and silver buying experience profitable, we highly encourage you to market the product. This can be done through many methods including:

We have access to all these items and more on our store page and have a graphic designer and printer available for all your marketing needs.



Q. How much bad gold will I take in?


A. with our comprehensive training suited to all levels of staff from teller to manager, purchasing fake gold is held to a minimum. In most cases less than ½ of 1% of gold we receive is fake. If the gold is fake, we will return it to you for further training of your staff.



Q. How do I know the value of my gold?


A. We test each piece and give you the full results of the total shipment including a full break down of Karat type and amount received.



Q. When will I get paid for my gold?


A. It will take up to 2 business days to receive your package. Once we receive your package, we will provide preliminary results to you within 2 business days and payment within 5 business days.



Q. What if the price of gold goes down from the time purchased to the time received by you?


A. You may exercise our lock in function which will allow you to lock in the price of the gold you have based on the daily market. This way, you have 30 days to send us your gold and silver. If the price goes down, you won’t make us much. If the price goes up, you won’t lose. We don’t suggest playing the market like this and normally will pay on the market price the day the Gold or Silver is processed. If you don’t like the market price, we can hold your gold or silver for up to 90 days in our secure facilities until you tell us to process it.



Q. What if My gold or Silver is lost or stolen in transit?


A. Once your package is picked up and scanned in by the shipper, it is then fully insured providing you have followed our required shipping guidelines. In the event of a loss, you will be reimbursed for the full amount of the shipment in accordance with our Agreement.



Q. What makes you different?


A. We are a complete Gold and silver purchasing turnkey! We provide equipment resources, training, compliance, marketing and we test each piece individually to give our clients the most comprehensive testing results! When it comes to providing our client with exceptional service and support, we are the gold standard!