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How to Start a Scrap Gold Business

"The Simple Scrap Gold Business Startup Guide.” Our How to Start a Scrap Gold Business Guide will show you, step-by-step, how to use scrap gold to build an honest, trustworthy cash for gold business via a store, mobile or website. NOTE: This is not a "get rich quick," no-work required, automatic money machine. You'll need at least a few hundred dollars to begin. You'll have to study our Scrap Gold Business Guide carefully. You'll have to practice the gold testing methods we describe until you can do it blindfolded! start-cash-for-gold-businessWe've been buying scrap gold pieces and jewelry in our payday loan and car title loan stores for 10+ years. We don't just sell books! We are in the scrap gold buying and selling business. We teach you how you can start in your local area and embrace the Scrap Gold niche with our know-how. You can even help your friends, family and neighbors achieve their dreams IF they choose to follow your lead! We can set you free from being one of the clueless mob of entrepreneurs and small business owners out there… and deliver to you - if you're willing to work hard at first - the missing link to finally being one of the few clued-in entrepreneurs …for whom money making success is simply the systematic application of a few obvious steps. The keywords to consider are: SIMPLE - SYSTEM - OBVIOUS So… just exactly what does our 100+ page "How to Start a Scrap Gold Business Guide" teach you? Let’s review the Chapters…
  1. Scrap Gold Business Table of Contents
  2. Disclaimer Stuff
  3. Forward
  4. A Little Bit About Us: Buying & Selling Gold for a Profit.
  5. Definition of a Scrap Gold Buyer
  6. Secrets to Winning as a Scrap Gold Buyer
  7. How Much $$ Can You Make Buying and Selling Scrap Gold
  8. Understanding Gold: Karat, Purity, Weight…
  9. Print This Page and Keep a Copy
  10. Scrap Gold: What to Buy and How to Pitch It
  11. How to Maximize Your Profits
  12. Additional Scrap Gold Sources
  13. Gold Testing Supplies You Need
  14. Testing Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum
  15. Typical Electronic Gold Tester
  16. How Much to Pay for Your Scrap Gold
  17. How to Calculate How Much the Refinery Will Pay You
  18. Locating and Working with a Refiner
  19. Scrap Gold Refiner Questions You Must Ask
  20. List of Scrap Gold Refiners and Contact Information
  21. Scams: How to Avoid Them
  22. Security Issues
  23. How to Make Money with Gold Parties
  24. How Much Money Can You Make with Gold Parties
  25. The Nuts & Bolts of a Gold Party
  26. Marketing Your Gold Party
  27. Killer Marketing & Referral Ideas
  28. Building Your Scrap Gold Party Business: Paying Your Hosts
  29. Legal Considerations
  30. Templates
  31. Web Site Development, Domain Names and Hosting a Scrap Gold Business
  32. Search Engine Tactics & Strategies
  33. Conclusion
  34. Sample Marketing Pieces
  35. More on Licensing
Again, you can start on Your Path to Making Money 5 Minutes From This Very Moment!

One last thought. We don’t want you to think this system requires zero effort on your part. You’re going to have to work!  There’s a lot to learn. Making significant money buying scrap gold jewelry is certainly something you can achieve BUT you’ll have to study our material and DO IT! You’ll have to take action!! This can hurt. You’ll be faced with making a choice between watching a great movie on TV or studying our Scrap Gold Money Machine Guide to learn how to make more and change your life.

Is it worth it to you; all this pain? We think not taking action is even more painful. Because, if you follow the crowd and continue to sit back and consume rather than learn to create, you’re going to be sitting in the same exact spot you are now…


How does this feel? Does it hurt? Do you feel the pain? Do you want to make it go away? Yes? Then pay the price and change your life! And, if our system doesn’t grab you, PLEASE find something that does and take a new path all the way to achieve success for YOU!


Get Started on Your Path to Making Money 5 Minutes From This Very Moment

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